Teen testing the rules

Yesterday my senior called me to share that he had gotten into trouble for leaving campus with two friends for lunch. At first, I was confused as to why this got him into trouble. Then COVID reminded me why. No leaving campus due to contact tracing. In theory, I get this. But schools are also doing after-school sporting events. And participating in All States competitions. So, how risky is it for students to go off campus to get takeout for lunch? Apparently, the seniors at his school (and a lot of parents) feel the same way. It feels like trying to control things that you cannot control.

I did what I normally do when I question my parenting. I posted in my parent group. And for readers who are not members, join us. A super safe place to talk about all things parenting. Parents Connect on Facebook. A fellow friend and parent asked “what was your response to this news? I keep wondering how parents of seniors should handle their students ‘stretching their legs’ as they break rules?” I asked why he broke the rule. (He wanted sushi). Asked what the school consequence was. (Stupid community service). I said enjoy your community service. They do need to stretch those legs. And this felt like such a little rebellion. And he is a senior who really should be trusted to get sushi while in a store wearing a mask and eat it outside with friends. I also reflected on what I did when I left school when I was not supposed to…. and it was not to get sushi!

I am not a fan of breaking the rules, but I also want him to stretch those legs, as my friend mentioned, before he heads off to college. So since he did not get that lunch sushi, I did allow him to do all you can eat with friends after school. Judge or don’t judge. This felt like the right response for me. And I encouraged him to join the other seniors lobbying for more independence at school. They lost so many things due to COVID.

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