Marry someone who…

Marry someone who…

A friend recommended the book It’s Okay to Laugh by, Nora McInerny Purmort. One of the chapters is a collection of reasons she married her husband. The chapter starts with “marry someone who….” Totally stealing this idea, so thanks in advance Nora!

Marry someone who loves you so much, he drags you kicking and screaming to the Chatham Co Courthouse on your 30th birthday to elope, parents be damned!

Marry someone who is an excellent cook. Our family would have eaten a lot more frozen meals and take out if I was the primary chef of the family.

Marry someone who hates the Commercial Day of Love as much as you do and does kind things for you on random days throughout the year.

Marry someone who never had pets as a child, but tolerates your need to collect animals at different points during your marriage.

Marry someone who wanted to live in a big city, but instead, lives in the woods with you and your many animals.

Marry someone who digs naps as much as you do.

Marry someone who always is the one to apologize after a fight because this is something you will never, ever do.

Marry someone who is the good cop to your bad cop when parenting teenagers.

Marry someone who respects you as a person and treats you like an equal partner.

Marry someone who unscrews the lid of his coffee mug before putting it in the sink after work. (Those lids will not come off with wet hands).

Marry someone who tells you to get your shit together when you need to, even if that is not what you want to hear.

Marry someone who likes to travel. Our family would have only seen Disney once and many, many lakes if I was in charge of travel.

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