Making time for self-care

I have been very busy lately, and that my friends, is really good for my brain. I am heading up the Foster Support Team with the Beautiful Together Animal Sanctuary. It is SUPER rewarding, fast-paced, and I am loving it. But no matter how busy I am, I take at least one hour to do what I call pond sittin.’ Sometimes with a fire pit (always on Fridays with my friend Rob). But my pond sittin’ is the closest to meditating this anxious girl will ever get to. I sit, watch the water, and can literally feel myself relax. I am not sure what it is about water that relaxes me, but it does, and in an amazing way. My dream is to retire on a large body of water (read: lake home) and fish for the big one with my morning energy drink every single day. For now, my pond is my little slice of heaven. And I am being good about that pond therapy…daily!

What do you do for self-care? It is so important for our brains.

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