I am a writer

I have never felt comfortable thinking of myself as a real writer, but the feedback I have been getting from my latest book makes me feel like one. I knew friends, and possibly friends of friends, would buy from online places like Amazon and Barnes and Noble, but I was blown away today when a good friend posted his copy on social media and a friend of his said she was getting her copy from a local bookstore. What? I never expected my book to be sold in a brick and mortar store, and now it is apparently for sale at Anderson Bookshop in Naperville, IL (a suburb of Chicago). How did that happen? I am looking into this question in a big way, trust me. And my good friend lives in Chapel Hill, so I have no local connections in Naperville.

My Father-In-Law suggested that I keep writing, and I just might follow his advice. I love to write. It is my therapy, a favorite hobby, and at least some people actually like to read what I write. So, the obvious next question… what to write next? The husband suggested trying my hand at fiction. My first thought? A fictional book about the life of teenage girls.

Thoughts my friends? What would you want me to write about next?

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