My book is on

I was over the moon and shared on social media. Imagine my surprise when friends not only congratulated me, but also bought copies of the book. One friend downloaded the Kindle version and was texting me some of the chapters she liked best! I have not even gotten my complementary copies from the publisher yet… so my friends are getting my book before me. What a fun problem to have!

Here is what the editor had to say about my book – “a well written, humorous, loving account of a sweet, goofy dog. Animal lovers will relate to many of the anecdotes and sigh in relief that their dog didn’t do THAT! Short, bite-sized chapters, much like blog posts, are perfect for today’s rushed readers.”

I will always be super grateful for that flight delay home from San Francisco when I started jotting down my memories of my special Smooch…my last baby. I cannot think of a better way to honor her memory.

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