New routines and traditions

New routines and traditions

We are officially one day from our move. I have oddly not been sad this last weekend in the only home I have ever known as an adult. I guess all those tears over the last 6 months were my way of processing this change.

One of the big positives of the move is that I no longer have to work for a paycheck. Neither one of my current jobs are going with me to SC, so this is a chance for me to make writing my focus professionally. I signed up for a creative writing course back in the spring, and the start date was the end of June. I almost withdrew from the course because of the move, but then I realized I needed to stay in the course because of the move. My brain desperately needed something else to focus on other than boxing things up and throwing things away. I am really enjoying the writing course and the community of fellow writers. A welcomed distraction, for sure.

Writing related, a friend recently recommended The Artist’s Way if I wanted to get serious about my writing. I will admit the introduction almost turned me off to the book. Lots of God and religion references. But I trust the person who recommended the book, so I stuck with it, and I am glad I did. The two main exercises to harness your creativity are the “Morning Pages” and “Artist Dates.” I plan to incorporate both in my new life at The Chicken Creek Compound. Yes, I have already named my new home. It is an amazing place. A chance for me to kind of “live off the grid” in a fun way. But living separately from my husband of 20 years will take some getting used to. We have lived in some version of our home since he started residency…. and that is a long time my friends. But, I am trying to also look at it as a way for us to figure out who we are with adult kiddos who don’t need us the same way they have for almost 2 decades. He is starting an amazing new job that is literally a once in a lifetime opportunity. All good things. Just scary. Change is hard.

I plan to do my “Morning Pages” on either my super nice covered deck or on the bench in front of my Chicken Creek Pond. I already have feelers out for volunteer opportunities to help me connect socially to the area.

As hard as this move has been, and as sad as it will be to say goodbye to Wild Azalea Lane, I am excited about The Chicken Creek Compound. My new beginning as a real writer.

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