International Women’s Day

International Women’s Day

Apparently today is International Women’s Day. As parents, how should we celebrate with the future generation?

My first thought is that it should not be a DAY where we celebrate. I want to live in a world where men and women are considered true equals each and every single day. We are definitely not there yet.

We should also have both men and women celebrate…. not just the females. Why? We need our future males to be comfortable celebrating women on a regular basis. Again with that lesson on equality.

Some evidence of things we should be celebrating around all things women? I will focus on the AMAZING women involved in the prosecution of Alex Murdaugh. And if you are not familiar with this case and trial, well then you have been living under a ROCK since the 2019 boat crash.

First, Mallory Beach who lost her life in that boat crash. Her parents did not back down in seeking justice for their girl. Instead of focusing on the boat crash, which received so much attention for the wrong reasons, I am choosing to highlight her cause that lives on after her…. Mal’s Palz.

Mandy and Liz from The Murdaugh Murders Podcast. These ladies broke the story about the Gloria Satterfield settlement her sons never received.

And here are some others….. Jeanne Seckinger (CFO of PMPED), Shelly Smith (caregiver of Murdaugh mom), Dr Ellen Riemer (pathologist for prosecution). For 6 weeks, I watched these women stand up to the old school way of how the law works in the Low Country.

For me, THIS is the true celebration of this day for women!

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