Daylight Savings Time…. are we done yet?

Daylight Savings Time…. are we done yet?

Last weekend we entered DST for the spring of 2023, and in my state that also meant SNOW! I am in the South, which means in the spring you can have early pollen, snow, and the arrival of copperhead snakes (I swear I cannot make these things up).

I think there is legislature ending this strange phenomenon in November of 2023. Fingers crossed it actually happens. Why? Because it just messes up my schedule. It used to be a really big deal when my kiddos were toddlers, but now I feel like that toddler. How many times this week will I reference what time “it really is,” curse when I leave the house in the dark at 7am to get my fur babies to doggie school, and curse again when I try to change the clock in my car (I asked the teen boy to do it before he went back to school from spring break at home, to which he replied, “you got this mom”). But I don’t, so I will have to play the “what time is it really” game in my car until November, or possibly this summer when he is home from college again.

According to Google, Arizona and Hawaii already do not participate in this strange phenomenon, which got me thinking. They have to play the “what time is it really” game all of the time unless all of their life activities happen in their state. In Arizona and calling someone in North Carolina… you have to account for time change AND time zone to figure out what time it is there. Too. Much. Work.

Life will be so much easier when there is only ONE time, no matter the time of year. And as a Southern mom, I can say with true sincerity…. Bless your hearts parents of those toddlers who handle the time change only slightly better than I do.

2 thoughts on “Daylight Savings Time…. are we done yet?

  1. “ What time is it really “ becomes more serious when you have family and work across the globe .

    Your 9:00 am EST calls ( set in IST zone) suddenly pop up one day at 8:00 am when you are halfway through getting ready to start for work.(lol)

    It’s 12 midnight your phone rings … you see “Dad calling” , you skip a heart beat…. Then realize he is still doing IST minus 10.5 hrs and calling thinking it’s 10:30 PM

  2. Oh my, I cannot imagine that kind of what time is it really! I turn off all alerts at 8:30pm, so I have told my children that if something bad happens after 8pm melatonin to call dad… the night owl… haha

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