Getting back out there

Getting back out there

Slowly our world is opening back up. Well, for our pandemic puppies, it is actually opening up for the first time. They have been going to doggie school twice a week for a month now. Appa D has been content to sit by the playground gate and just watch the other dogs play. Apparently this is a Berner characteristic – more people dogs. Bailey on the other hand has been the social butterfly of Group 2 and always finds another Doodle to hang out with. Doggie school has been good for other things too like walking on a leash, coming when called, and most importantly, learning that there are other people in our world.

Now for some family updates. Three of us are fully vaccinated. The teen girl will get her first vaccine as soon after April 30th as I can get her an appointment. Both teens are attending school face to face in some capacity, which is good for both academic and social reasons. I have had 2 Friday hangouts with my friend Rob. They have been amazing. Even better, I had lunch at a restaurant with the husband last week. Outside, of course, but damn it felt good. It was a bit confusing as to when to take your mask off and I so wanted to wipe down my utensils before using them, but it was overall less anxiety-provoking than I thought it would be.

Now for some me specific updates. Work is still pretty much non existent. I have had a few part time job interviews that did not pan out. My guess is that a lot of people are looking for remote work and without geographical boundaries that means literally thousands of applications for each position. I will keep looking, volunteering for any extra projects at work, and I have my GAL case to keep me somewhat busy. I will get to work out in person TWICE this coming week. One of my personal trainer appts and Saturday small group with 4 other vaccinated friends.

Let’s all get back out there!

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