A tiny bit hopeful

A tiny bit hopeful

Last weekend I was in a major funk. I just could not shake it. Normally I can exercise, do some self-talk, dig in the dirt, and I can reset. But not this time. I was bored, sad, anxious all rolled into one. And last week a friend’s dad died from COVID. An extra F–k you so close to being vaccine eligible.

I texted some friends asking them to tell me something to make me laugh. Here are my top two faves: 1) visualize wearing bike shorts post COVID. My pasty white legs with bruises from my love rakes from Bailey are super sexy for sure. 2) attend a baseball game where your team is losing 18-0 early in the 5th inning. Rough.

Today I am totally alone in the house. Y’all that is something that has not happened in a long time. Both teens are at school, puppies are at doggie school, and no telemedicine Tuesday. I am making myself workout, taking a shower and putting on some self tanner, writing and starting to think about things I can do once I get my second vaccine shot. The first exciting thing I am planning is to resume my Friday fire pit hang outs with my friend Rob. We used to hang out every single Friday. I tried doing some outside hang outs in the summer but just could not relax enough for it to be fun. Next up is resuming Sunday church walks with Liz. I have not been to my beloved Harrison Pond in a year. I also had a good job interview for a part time job that I could do along side my Girl Scouts job or increase the hours and do it instead of Girl Scouts if my position were to be cut. Fingers crossed that it works out.

Speaking of jobs, both of my teenagers have summer jobs which means my oldest gets his first vaccine tomorrow. I am still holding out that he can go to Rail Camp in Delaware (the decision will be made next month for a July camp week). It would be a great experience, and he still has his sponsorship from the New Hope Valley Railway. My youngest turns 16 at the end of April and is eligible to get her driver’s license at the end of May. We are doing a staycation for spring break and looking into buying her a car. She can start working June 1st. If I could make telemedicine Tuesday go away, this summer would be perfect. But sadly, I think telemedicine is here to stay.

As scary as it feels, I am starting to feel a tiny bit hopeful.

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