I’m a hot mess

Yesterday was not a good day. Small things really irritated me – like the puppy barking for attention or the teen girl trying to print a giant art packet with only one cartridge working on my printer. Oh and she can only print using my work lap top which I was using to finish up a project by 5pm. I literally thought about harming my girl because of an art packet. It was so bad that the husband offered to cook dinner after walking in on the art packet fiasco. I took a time out and tried to figure out what was wrong…Duh Kristan. Election Day is upon us. I am scared. And I am worried.

I will not watch the election results tonight. It is too much for my anxious brain. But I hope and pray when I wake up tomorrow is is not like that Wednesday morning in 2016 when the husband announced “Donald Trump is our f–ing President. Good luck telling the kids.” Then he left for work.

I need to remind myself what I told my children on that gloomy Wednesday morning. No matter the results of the election, we will continue to do what is right, fight for those we love and care about, and be decent human beings. I am also researching how to move to Canada.

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