Shameless self-care

Shameless self-care

The puppies woke me up super early today, so by mid-morning I was already ready for my nap. So as the husband sat watching tennis on TV (since he could not play actual tennis because of the rain), I headed to the workshop for a mid-morning nap. And guess what folks? There is no shame in that at our house. We all nap at different times. Well, the teen boy just sleeps in which is his kind of nap, and that is ok. Some days just waking up and doing basic chores and some work activities is totally exhausting.

I am grateful for the non shaming of self-care, but I am also grateful for my husband who knows when to push me out of a funk that seems to be going on too long. A few weeks ago he told me that I needed to shower, put on “real clothes” and take the puppy for a walk. I did all three and felt so much better.

This weekend it rained every day which made productivity even less productive. And guess what folks? That was ok. Binging Netflix, or Animae TV (I think that is how you spell that) and for me… lots of episodes of Hoarders and Intervention. Note to friends: If you ever want to feel super high functioning, watch A&E and you will instantly feel better about yourself.

And apparently I missed Samantha’s “Gotcha Day” this year. I really don’t like that term, but it represents the day she became a part of our family. This little lady became a part of our family 15 years ago last week. My how time flies. And those ear curls will always melt my heart.

I also missed Mental Health Awareness Day, which I think was yesterday. But honestly, 2020 should be termed Mental Health Awareness YEAR. This is the year that we have to do ALL the things to stay sane:

  1. Be aware of your triggers
  2. Exercise (even when you don’t want to)
  3. Talk to your inner circle of friends or therapist
  4. Don’t shame others’ self-care
  5. Give yourself grace on the bad days

Fingers crossed 2021 will be better.

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