Puppy updates

I have been trying to take walks with the dogs when the husband or teen girl have time to go with me, but they need more exercise than that. Imagine my surprise when I saw the leash in the post photo on a Bernese Mtn Dog group. And he was using it with 2 Berners each weighing 150lbs… and it looked so easy. I immediately posted asking where to buy something so special. Guess where you can get one delivered in 2 days…. Amazon Prime, duh. My double leash came on Tuesday and it was magical. The bungie cord design means there can be some pull from each dog, but no slack. And the hook that connects both parts of the leash that go to each dog rotates so they never get tangled. Here is what every morning looks like at our house.

Next up, Bunny the talking dog. The trainer I work with on Mondays (via Zoom, of course) who is also a fellow dog lover told me about Bunny the talking dog. Bunny’s owner is training her to press buttons that have pre-recorded words on them to communicate with her human parents. Click here for an interesting article on Bunny. My workload is still super slow with most school districts doing online learning or a hybrid schedule, which means no community outreach programming. This means I have waaaaay too much time on my hands during the day. So, I am going to train my puppies to out talk Bunny the talking dog! We are starting with 2 buttons – “outside” and “lovies” (this is what we call belly scratches). Wish me luck. My guess if I could help the teen girl clicker train Fireball to ring a bell and come on command when he was a kitten, getting our already vocal dogs to learn to communicate with human words won’t be that hard.

For my friends with pandemic pets, how are you spoiling them rotten?

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