Shelter in place – week 3

Shelter in place – week 3

Well, we made it another week with the COVID craziness. I think we might actually be getting into somewhat of a routine. The husband does a grocery run early in the week, and then we supplement with curbside pick ups and grocery delivery. And lots and lots of Amazon deliveries. I felt guilty at first, but then I watched the Amazon truck stop at both houses on either side of me. Plus the teen girl has a birthday coming up, and instead of a party and going to the DMV to get her Learner’s permit, she has ordered a ton of things to redecorate her room. I am working on a drive by kind of bday parade. It has become a thing in our new normal of social distancing.

I am on a schedule with a set wake up time, set work out time, set nap time, and I try to work whenever my brain can focus… which as the days progress into weeks (and looks like months), focusing is becoming harder and harder. And as folks start to talk about relaxing social distancing rules, I can feel my anxiety getting worse. Our government and scientists are not on the same page as to the right direction to go. Government wants people back to work, while scientists are saying too soon. Who is right? What is actually safe?

What I do know is that my teenagers will finish the school year on May 29th never returning physically to the school campus. And if I am being totally honest, I am not sure they will even go back on a regular schedule in the fall. Gulp.

So, things I am grateful for (because I am trying to stay positive):

Our family is still healthy. A little ADD and stir crazy, but healthy in the general sense.

Our COVID puppy Bailey. She has been in our family for a month now and is already potty trained, crate trained and Invisible Fence trained. Now don’t get me wrong, she does have things she still needs to work on, but as for puppy behaviors, she is a rock star.

My ability to work from home when my current position was completely school based. I am writing new programs, recording virtual troop meetings, and finding ways to bring my specific skill set to my actually job. And we moved our wifi router to a more general location in the house, which means I might be able to do my virtual meetings in the workshop (game changer, folks). We have been lucky that the husband has been doing telemedicine for the last month, but that ends this week. He will be back to doing procedures, which means sleeping separately.

A Zoom birthday party for my best running friend tomorrow. We are both introverts and are actually missing socializing in the form of parties. Who would have thought.

My Fit Bit stats are off the chart. Probably because I cannot sit still. I am averaging over 13,000 steps a day which equals 5 miles. Go ADD and not being able to focus working in my favor!

Whew. What a strange, strange time. And it is here for a while. Stay strong my friends. Be honest about how you are feeling and engage in self care without guilt.

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