Shelter in place – week 4

Shelter in place – week 4

Well, we made it another week. Here are some highlights and plans for moving forward.

The teens started shooting at cans with a BB gun. I guess this is more of a healthy way to rebel than injecting Lysol spray to kill the COVID virus. I cannot even believe I just typed that sentence.

I have had super productive days and then really non productive days. I am really proud of my latest work project. I am creating fun packets for our community outreach girls. The goal is to create materials that 1) do not require supplies not included in the packet 2) are gender neutral so the packets appeal to both girls and boys and 3) can be distributed widespread at food pick up sites. Whew. I am up for the challenge and hope this is a nice distraction for the children who are food insecure during this strange time in our world.

The husband also had some professional accomplishments that might not have happened without the life/work shut down. He is officially in charge of the first ever Esophageal Center at Duke Medical Center. He has always been the go-to esophageal guy, but now he will have his own center to run with a thoracic surgeon. They have been able to meet/plan and “see” patients together via telemedicine. These things might not have happened with their hectic, regular work schedules.

Our cute COVID puppy continues to be a wonderful distraction, and she is gaining around 5lbs every 2 weeks. Bailey is up to 44 lbs. My fluffy and getting very giant teddy puppy rocks!

We are planning for the long term in terms of food. I installed some wall pots for the back deck for our favorite herbs. I have ordered more hydroponic salad green pods (our first round of tomatoes are currently almost ready for harvest) as well as seeds and containers for purple potatoes, strawberries, and blueberries. The husband also signed us up for weekly Papa Spuds produce deliveries. And… we are getting back yard chickens again for fresh eggs. Now feels like the right time to try and live off the grid as much as possible.

Summer plans are non existent for my teens. I had such high hopes this summer for the oldest teen. An amazing internship, a part time job, SAT test prep. All a no go. And the other teen wants to go to Young Life camp. She joined this spring right before shelter in place. I am grateful she has been able to continue meeting via Zoom, but there will not be a summer camp (I let her sign up any way). But here comes the real question… what will they do all summer?

I am working on more self care since I tend to be more snippy these days. I am going to try running solo or anything solo to keep from being less snippy. Any tips fellow moms for strategies to make this happen?

For today, I am winning since I have on pants that are not elastic waisted, have brushed my teeth and hair…. all before 9am. Go me!

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  1. Hey Kristan, Nice job focusing on the positive. My week has been one of reminding myself not to compare right now to what “should be happening”, because it is not. I’m having a hard time letting myself look forward to anything too, because I’m not sure things will change any time soon and I’ll be disappointed when I can’t do what I’ve planned for. This is most specifically related to my senior going to college. She is so excited and I’m not sure it will happen and if it does, what in the world will it look like and am I willing to pay full price for stay at home college? The college has been incommunicado which doesn’t help. Anyway, I did some yoga this morning, which was good but also sad because I’m so out of shape 🙁

    The constant rain here is making everything very green, so that’s nice. Thanks for the updates!

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