The new normal

The new normal

Wow, so much has changed since my last post. COVID-19 is here to stay for the long term. It looks like online school will be the format for longer than 3 weeks. I am officially working from home for the duration (think writing and recording virtual Girl Scout meetings and other curriculum development). And it even looks like the husband will be spending more time at home with the Governor asking all NC hospitals to cancel elective procedures effective Monday. This also means Aidan’s scheduled surgery might be cancelled.

So who wants some good news? We have a new canine family member. Meet Bailey the Bernedoodle! I was turned down from 2 more rescue organizations last Tuesday. One because I could not produce 8 years of monthly heartworm prevention for Smooch. Really? That was the last straw. I decided since our “new normal” of social distancing with work from home and online school was indefinite, it was time to get a puppy. We have all the time in the world to devote to training. Bailey is super soft and cuddly and 100% love. Even better? She totally ignores the cats.

This post feels like a what is bad, what is good, and what needs improvement as I think about what I need to write about next. What needs improvement is my daily schedule. I need structure my friends. The less I have to do, the worse I am about getting things done. So my daily schedule will include the following –

Work, gardening, exercise, puppy training, and a cleaning project in the house. I am literally making myself a check sheet for accountability. Who is with me in needing structure during this time of so much down time? My goal is to have weed-free beautiful garden beds, a well trained dog, and a super clean house. Take that COVID-19!

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  1. I hear you and validate you! I have cleaned all flower gardens at our house and the farm, planted 3 gardens with appropriate vegetables and mapped out the ones coming next. I have set up my virtual office at our farm office; this makes me physically drive to a different location to work. Don’t judge – I know it’s just across the road and through the field, but it’s a mental transition, ok? I have set up digital zoom rooms to conduct PLCs with all my teachers and forwarded all my calls to support our school’s parents. Most importantly, I have continued my meal prep routine and set up a daily office hours schedule….including my usual daily devotions and exercise. I’m also spending extra time loving on my senior girl who is missing out on a large part of her senior year. We are doing the best we can and loving every minute of it. Thank you for this post !♥️

    1. I love the idea of driving across the road to another office. What a great mental transition. I might do this with our workshop. And so sorry for your senior. I cannot imagine what this is like for her/you.

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