What a week

What a week

What a week is an understatement. First up, the COVID-19 virus has schools shutting down and most Americans are now practicing what is being termed social distancing to slow the spread of the virus. My kids will be doing online learning for at least the next 3 weeks. Here are some other not so fun happenings at our house.

Our spring break is officially no more. I was a little disappointed when our VRBO host tried to bully me into keeping the reservation. I am not afraid of the virus itself. Going through 5 airports to get to and from our destination, now that I am afraid of. Oh and if one family member got a cold on the trip, we would have had to pay for an additional 14 day stay in Hawaii. No thanks. Not worth the risk. Thankfully we were able to get a refund and a flight voucher to use for another trip. So nothing lost except seeing that beautiful Poipu beach.

Aidan had a really bad sports injury at ultimate frisbee practice last Wednesday which resulted in an Orthopedic Urgent Care visit, MRI and consultation with Sports Medicine. We were not happy with the findings. A complete ACL tear and surgery is the only option. Thankfully the husband is friends with the director of Duke Ortho, and he was able to get Aidan an appt with the surgeon he recommended Monday morning at 7:45am. It is an elective surgery, but the sooner we do surgery the sooner he can start rehab. The current recommendation is 9-12 months before returning to competitive sports. Aidan loves his ultimate frisbee team, so this was hard to hear. The good news is COVID-19 means no tournaments or regular season games. The season is essentially over.

We are still facing school uncertainly with the teen girl. The lottery Gods hate us. She was literally last on the waiting list for one school and second to last on another. So we need to start seriously thinking about Plan B.

And most importantly, I STILL DO NOT HAVE A DOG. I have applications in to 3 rescue organizations and just have to wait to see if I am selected. And guess what friends? I don’t wait well. I have been trying to adopt for almost 3 months now. I have been shocked at how difficult it has been to try and rescue a dog that does not have a permanent home.

My friend Rebecca wrote an article for Inside Higher Ed. It was written for professors, but I think the advice applies to many more. Click here to check it out. And follow her advice… wash your hands, but also take naps.

So wish me luck as I navigate so many “what ifs,” and if you pray or believe in a higher power put in a good word for me in the dog rescue world. I really need a canine companion again.

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