Shelter in place – week one

Shelter in place – week one

We are nearing the end of week one of our shelter in place order in North Carolina. I have been doing much better about keeping myself on a schedule, but today has not been a good day. The teens are on spring break, which means the teen boy has literally not left his bed except to eat and do PT exercises. Today I asked him to put together my new pond sitting chairs and he refused. I lost it…. took away all technology and used words I am not proud of as a parent. To cool off, I went outside to work hoping a little vitamin D might help my mood.

As I was scrolling through social media, this article popped up in my newsfeed. It was exactly what I needed to read. In case you don’t want to read the whole article (but really what else do you have to do?), the take away is this –

How to Powerfully Boost Your Immune System

So while taking proper precautions during these times, do the things that keep your immune system strong.

Taking the steps to help your brain feel safe puts your body out of fight-flight state and into a rest and digest state where your body is in recovery and ultimately maximizes your health.

So how can you do this? Practice the act of shifting your focus to things you are grateful for.

So here it goes… things I am grateful for:

My family is still healthy

Our super sweet and fluffy new puppy

Netflix – hello Tiger King and Ozark Season 3

Knitting and coloring… keeping my hands busy is always a plus

Being able to work from home (and the flexibility to switch my focus and goals with no schools in session)

Yardwork… digging in the dirt makes my heart happy


So much food… and all that toilet paper that everyone wants so badly

High speed internet… even if it is not that great with 4 people using it at the same time.

My back yard birds are back making nests for their new babies

The pond and all of the tadpoles that will turn into singing frogs soon

Hand sanitizer

A husband that loves to cook

Teenagers who can learn independently online

Virtual work outs….I still have someone to consistently make me sweat and call me by my first and last name if I am not working hard enough

A school plan for the teen girl

And this blog… where I can write as my therapy

What are you grateful for my friends? Chime in so we can all practice being grateful during this time of so much uncertainty. We need to keep our brains safe. Science says we need to.

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