Like most busy moms, it is hard to find time for a lot of hobbies. I am proud that I have found a few that work for me, and do not make me feel guilty for spending time just for me.


I can listen while driving, doing chores, or relaxing. Some of my favorite recent reads are Educated: A Memoir, This Is How It Always Is, Where the Crawdads Sing, and Something in the Water.


Yes, grown ups can color too! My favorite adult coloring book is You Are Here by, Jenny Lawson. She created the coloring book when she had writer’s block trying to write her third book. I even went to her book reading and signing when she came to Durham a few years ago. Her book Furiously Happy found me the summer after my mom died unexpectedly. That book was a huge part of the healing process for me.

Bird watching.

I love, love, love birds. Watching them, photographing them, and the part my teenagers love the most… I talk to them 🙂

So what are some of your hobbies? Things you do just for you that make your heart and brain happy? They are so important, and we should not feel guilty for indulging in them when we have time.

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