the Lazy Susan of teen issues

the Lazy Susan of teen issues

A friend of mine used the analogy of a revolving Lazy Susan of teen issues when I asked for a parenting pass for a day. It is so very true. Once one issue has been resolved, another one comes around.

One of my kiddos has been working through some pretty serious anxiety.

We have been on top of it, but has been exhausting. I go back and forth from being super worried to mad that one teenager’s mood dictates the mood of the whole house. I also try to remember those awkward teen years. They were terrible, and this was before the Internet and social media ruled the world. All parents of teens should watch the movie Eighth Grade. It really does show you an honest perspective of the teenage world. And it is harsh.

Then my other teen requested a DNA kit to locate a birth mother. The hard part of this request is that we have no identifying information to share. I did offer to get that DNA kit in case it will help shed some light on heritage. And I ordered a kit for myself since I don’t really know a lot about my own heritage.

Whew. Never a dull moment, and no days off for parents. Just that constant turning of needs that need to be address. My own parents were absent emotionally for me during the teen years, so I am determined to do better. Wish me luck!

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