changing hair

This summer I noticed some changes with my usually shiny and healthy hair, and not good changes I will add. My hair felt like straw, was falling out, and was no longer growing. The hubs suggested some lab work, since hair loss is a sign of thyroid issues, so off to the doctor I went. Labs came back completely fine, but that did not help with my struggling hair. Next, I turned to my pal Google to see what I could do about my changing hair.

My teenage daughter suggested that I buy hair products from fancy places like Ulta (vs the grocery store), and I was pleasantly surprised that changing shampoo and conditioner actually did make a difference. I also started taking a Kerotin supplement that had good reviews on Amazon. Within months, my hair was back to its shiny old self and I even had some new growth.

So fellow middle age ladies with similar issues, I would recommend dermachange Thick and Full shampoo and conditioner and Keratin Hair Growth Formula supplements. You can get both on

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