Book #3: Time to get writing

Book #3: Time to get writing

In my last post, I wrote about binge watching Tiny Beautiful Things, which prompted me to re-listen to the audiobook. It felt a lot like the TV series and book MAID – the book was more of the actual stories, while the TV series was more about the actual writers. Both were great in either format, but re-listening to Tiny Beautiful Things has really given me the writing bug.

The working title of my third book – My Pandemic Puppies: The good, the bad, the lovely. We collected two pandemic puppies within 6 months of the world shutting down. The reason I got out of bed some days (Bailey “boops” me with her cold nose at exactly 6:30am every single morning). The reason I learned to not cough, sneeze or openly cry (Appa Bear does BIG check ins super close to my face to make sure I am ok). The only reason my teenagers laughed on most days during lockdown. I have so many amazing stories of those first pandemic years and how we adjusted to life with them in a world that made no sense to anyone. Yes, we created some pretty bad habits and routines, neither pups were properly socialized, but in some ways they saved our family from the sadness, despair and anger that was our world.

Where I am so far in the writing process. When I write, my process is that I create an outline, then fill in that outline to create chapters. My last book was described as “small, bite size chapters, like blog posts, easy for the reader to take in quickly.” For this next book, I want those chapters to be more theme-related vs individual stories. This feels like the next way to evolve and grow as a writer.

Before I can submit proposals, that outline has to grow into chapters. But the big question is how to find the time to make that happen? We are moving at the end of the summer, and right now I am in full on “get the house ready to sell” mode. I am doing this totally solo, just like The Purge parts ONE and TWO. I am hoping our house sells quickly, and we are in the process of purchasing a house for me for the next 4 years of college tuition paying years, so we just need a quick sale so that my life can get back to writing…. oh and keeping up with my 2 part time paying jobs. Fingers crossed a super cool nature loving family is looking for a great home like ours right now. The market is hot for niche properties like ours. Please, universe let this be the one aspect of this transition that is somewhat easy. I need to write. The last 5 months have not been good for my brain, body or overall well being.

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