Favorite middle school teacher

Favorite middle school teacher

Wow, this week’s Storyworth prompt brought back a lot of GOOD memories from middle school, and that my friends is a BIG deal. Like most people, I do not have a lot of fond memories from the middle school years. But Miss Harvin, she was most definitely one of them!

I went to a new middle school in 5th grade as a part of a new busing program. I did not know a lot of my peers because we all came from different schools. I felt awkward, insecure, and totally unsure of who I wanted to be that year. Miss Harvin encouraged me to run for Student Body President, and I reluctantly agreed. My mom was ALL ABOUT my campaign planning. She made all of my campaign materials and came up with the slogan “Win it with Bennett!” I can remember practicing my speech with her and getting very good advice as to how to make it stronger. She wasn’t there when I made that speech, but I could feel her with me as I approached the podium. I was scared to death, but I did it thanks to my teacher and my mom.

I will always remember Miss Harvin coming to my desk before the end of the day announcements to give me the congrats certificate before the actual announcement. She believed in me, and so did my mom. Looking back, I had no idea how much that support shaped who I became as an adult.

Every single girl needs a Miss Harvin and a mom like mine to make them believe in themselves. I want to be that person for as many girls as possible, but especially for my girl who is going to do great things in life.

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