Getting “unstuck”

Getting “unstuck”

Last month I wrote about feeling “stuck” and how books have always helped me get “unstuck.” Not feeling sad, just blah. Just getting through each day without accomplishing much. My brain just needs more to do. I’m sick of my days consisting of Netflix, novels, naps, and knitting. I even posted on social media and was surprised by how many people were also feeling this way.

Last weekend the husband and I had our second solo vacation of the summer. We ran away to Hyco Lake for 48 hours of blissful relaxation. I sat on the dock and tried to do what I said I would do in my blog post – sit with my thoughts and embrace optimism.

A little back story… Worried that my work position might be cut soon, I have been looking for part-time work from home jobs since December. It has not been a fun process. I am either overqualified, not in the right time zone, the position is work from home but you must live in (insert state other than North Carolina here). I told myself that I would hold out for the last job I was interviewing for, but if that one did not work out, it was time to shift gears.

On the last day of our lake trip, I was sitting on the dock with my morning energy drink and my pandemic puppies. It was so quiet and peaceful, and I started thinking about that last job I was waiting to hear about. It is an online mentoring organization for girls. A year-long program and SUPER expensive (thousands for the basic program and over 8K for the intensive program run by girls who have completed the program). What about taking the online idea but creating a supportive space for the parents of preteens and teens? I write here about the fact that there are so few resources for parents of teens. What if I could fill that void more affordably?

I heard on Tuesday that I was not selected for that online mentoring job, and honestly, I felt a little relieved after getting over the disappointment. Waking up and scrolling mindlessly through Indeed job postings has not been working for me. So I jumped into switching gears. I started researching to see if there were, in fact, support groups for parents of teens (not a lot out there). Next, I reached out to some friends that I knew would give me honest feedback about my idea. The overwhelming response was positive! Here is where I am so far –

The name: Parents Connect

Logo idea: the s in Parents connects with the C in Connect with two puzzle pieces connecting the letters (design is in process right now).

Group format: starting off with a private, moderated Facebook group. Anyone can join the group. You might be a parent planning for the teens years, a parent living the teens years right now, or a parent of a post-high school adult with wisdom to share. The only rules are to be kind, honest, and respectful (we have enough of the negative stuff already).

Additional resources: A for-fee phone consultation services for parents who do not want to share in the group and/or need more individual assistance. This part feels like the family/school consultation services I used to offer. I love the problem-solving aspect of working with parents. Coming up with solutions for challenging problems….my jam!

Be on the lookout for updates and a Facebook group invite. I am super excited about my new endeavor and grateful for the time with my thoughts on Hyco Lake.

Here is to optimism and finding purpose while the pandemic lingers on. So my fellow parents, who is ready to talk?

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  1. What a great idea! I love how you are bending the world to your ideas rather than being subject to the world’s pace and disappointments. I think this will be a huge success.

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