Finally some good news

Finally some good news

So glad to get some good news this week. Mothers’ Day is always a trigger for me. My mom died the Wednesday after Mother’s Day, and this will be the 5 year anniversary of her death.

Want to know the good news? Let’s start with the teen girl’s big news. She got into Eno River Academy this week. She was not happy in 9th grade where she has been a student since 4th grade. Mean girl drama followed her from middle school and despite my advocating for her, she spent a lot of time hiding in the bathroom, roaming the campus unsupervised or with the school counselor during certain times of the day. Things improved after Christmas break, but she was done with the smallness of her high school setting and really wanted grades. We submitted applications to another private school and all the charter schools within 45 minutes of our house. She was waitlisted at every single one. For one school, she was literally the last student on the waiting list. We were really uncertain what we were going to do for next year. And then… bam! An email this week from her second choice of schools with an offer for admission next year. She is over the moon. More students, Honors and AP courses, and grades….she so wants grades. Bonus for us? Charter schools do not cost $25K/year.

Now for my good news. I learned this week that my work this summer will only be virtual. I guess I need to give the back story. North Carolina has started the reopening process, and the Governor issued an executive order that summer camps will operate as long as they follow CDC guidelines. The idea of doing summer programming at Parks and Rec Centers and Boys and Girls Clubs with large numbers of girls no longer sounds like a lot of fun. Our council will offer differing levels of virtual programming for the summer, working from home will continue through the summer, and no furloughs or lay offs are planned. Whew. I get to keep my job and do it safely from home as we learn to navigate our new normal way of life.

Now for the most unexpected good news, as featured in the post picture. When our composter is full, I leave leftovers and scraps at the edge of the yard for the wildlife (vs throwing them away). I went out to dump some veggie scraps and found some red potato plants that had sprouted. I have spontaneous potato plants!

I will treasure my good news of the week and my family this Mother’s Day. Share some good news with me my friends. We all need it more than ever these days.

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  1. So glad you’ve found a new plan for your teenage girl. It can be such a trying time for girls and I’m so glad we are past that. Congrats on being able to work from home this summer.
    I don’t know how I would handle having to go back to work and I’m thankful to be home and retired. Our good news this week is my daughter ‘graduated’ yesterday from University of South Carolina, magna cum laude with leadership distinction. Now to find a job in this challenging job market.

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