my arms are too short

Growing up, my friend Melanie’s dad used to always make the joke that his arms were too short and that is why he could not see the fine print. This summer, I became Gary. It started with me pulling away when trying to read things (hence the too short arms joke), then I could only do super close up things like color in the lines or pluck eyebrows with no eyewear at all. Seemed odd until I consulted with other middle age friends. It was time for these handy dandy things…. reading glasses.

They were a game changer. But even more of a game changer was my latest eye exam. I officially need progressive lenses. These fancy things let you see far away, computer level, and reading level…. all in one lens. I am conflicted with them. I love my contacts, but with them I have to have the readers on standby. The constant flip up and down of the readers is super annoying.

Being able to see in middle age is a complex process.

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