Finding your tribe as a mom

Finding your tribe as a mom

I wrote about finding your tribe back in 2019. Here is what I wrote then with some added thoughts 4 years later as I enter the phase of empty nest parenting.

Y’all. It is official. Having a close group of girlfriends is good for your health. Science (and the internet) say it, so it must be true. Having a close group of friends can make you feel less lonely, help you cope with bad experiences in your life, reduce stress, and boost your mood and overall happiness, among other physical benefits.

If this is true, then why is hard for women to make these connections? For me, I used to feel a lot of guilt for making time for friends. And making friends as a parent is not always easy.

I am proud of my tribe, or as I affectionally call them, my inner circle. When I have good news, work drama, or really bad news, I can pick up the phone and call or text my inner circle and know they will be super supportive. But I keep my inner circle small on purpose. As a parent, I sometimes have a hard time trusting other moms. I have been burned a few too many times. I tell myself this does not mean I cannot make new friends, but it does reinforce the idea of keeping my inner circle small.

As my children fledge the nest and I enter a new phase of parenting, I am finding new friends. These new friends have wisdom about this next phase of life, which can feel really scary when so much of your existence has been around being a mom. What do you do once your focus isn’t so much on their life?

So fellow moms, how did you find your tribe? What do you look for in these friendships?

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