Pandemic Puppy Sweet Pea

I posted a few weeks ago about my writer’s block with my third book and how a friend helped me get back into writing by suggesting I write about other people’s pandemic puppies. When thinking about who to write about after Quinna, I immediately thought about Sweet Pea. She was rescued by Beautiful Together Animal Sanctuary (BTAS) last year, and she stole my heart when I saw her story on Tik Tok. Y’all, after living through Tik Tok with a teen girl, I never thought I could find any redeeming qualities about this form of social media, but the Director of Dog Rescue changed that for me with Sweet Pea. I have been volunteering with BTAS since August, and I am having a blast working on the foster support team. There are so many wonderful stories of animals being rescued and getting a new lease on life, but none of those stories have touched me like Sweet Pea’s story.

Jane Howard, the Director of Dog Rescue found Sweet Pea with her two babies at a local shelter. Sweet Pea was not trusting of any human near her babies. That did not deter Jane Howard. Over the course of 3 weeks, she calmly visited Sweet Pea and her puppies each time giving her some cheese. Over time and after many growls and warning bites, something shifted with Sweet Pea. Maybe she realized that Jane Howard was a good human? Whatever magic that happened, Sweet Pea has been by Jane Howard’s side ever since. She will most definitely live out her golden years with Jane Howard, the only human she trusts and loves. I have had so much fun watching Sweet Pea learn to play with other dogs (boy was she awkward at first) and even attend a BTAS adoption event! She definitely found her person in this crazy world we live in, and for that my heart will be forever happy. I met Sweet Pea a few months ago when picking up supplies from Jane Howard’s house. Sweet Pea tolerated me as long as I had some cheese for her, but it was obvious she only loves Jane Howard. It reminds me a bit about my relationship with my pandemic puppy Appa Bear. He literally sits on my legs to protect me from the world.

I am so grateful that Jane Howard took a chance on ol’ Sweet Pea. She (and all the animals in overcrowded shelters) deserve a chance at a happy life. Sweet Pea got that, as did her puppies Poptart and Pancake. Fostering is so important and it literally saves lives.

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