So, I learned early on in the pandemic that I had to handwrite daily and weekly expectations. I literally missed a work deadline for the first time ever this summer.

6 months into our crazy new normal, it is getting worse. 2 examples from this week. 1) grocery list had noodles for chicken lo mein. I went down the aisle with noodles, saw the energy drinks I like above a soda fridge. Totally forgot about the noodles, grabbed all the energy drinks. 2) I always make the husband coffee since he gets up super early (well, any time before 8am feels super early for me these days). The other day, I added water and a filter, set the program timer. Totally forgot to add the actual coffee. He woke up to a pot of hot water.

Then there are super basic tasks like doing the dishes that on some days feel like such a big thing to accomplish. We have done so many dishes over the past 6 months that the wood floors in front of the sink have water stains. I fixed the problem with a cute waterproof mat from (shocker). But why does doing the dishes feel overwhelming some days?

Then there are other days when I am on fire. Accomplishing so many tasks – work curriculum writing, household tasks, etc. I try to embrace these days and give myself some grace on the days when simply doing the dishes and making coffee feels too hard.

This morning I read this article and it freaked me out. I was one of those people who thought things would return to normal once we have a vaccine. We are truly in this new normal for the long haul. Sadly, it is a marathon not a sprint.

Anyone else struggling with COVID ADD brain? And if you are aren’t, please lie and say you are…. if you are truly my friend. Thanks.

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