Will I refuse to fly out again?

Will I refuse to fly out again?

My friend Emily posted this question on social media last weekend.

Sitting at home for so long, so busy, so content — other than cooking 3 meals a day— that if/when this is over I might be like one of those birds that refuses to fly out. Anyone else feel this threat?

I responded with a resounding YES! We are into month 5 of quarantine life, and I am starting to wonder what things will look like when we are “back to normal.” Habits are established after 66 days according to Google. I am well established into my routine of only going to the grocery store a few times a week. Will I refuse to fly out again? As the days turn to weeks, that turn into months, I am scared my habits are making me more of an introvert.

Flying out again like the baby bird in the post photo will be super scary. And I don’t think I will be able to do it until there is a vaccine. For now I will focus on the positives.

  1. My teens are home and online learning. Not optimal, but they are safe this way.
  2. We are refinancing our home mortgage at a rate of 2.85%. This means saving over $300/mo in mortgage payments. Over 30 years, that adds up.
  3. The teen girl started her new school, totally remote, and is loving it. And I am super impressed at the plan for remote learning.
  4. My job is secure until the spring and only remote programming.
  5. The husband continues his post work routine to keep us safe.
  6. My Zoom workouts. I am so reluctant to exercise these days, but the accountability of a set time has kept me on track.
  7. And the best positive of all? We are welcoming our second pandemic puppy into our family. For those who think this is crazy, consider the life of our first pandemic puppy- her humans are home all.the.time. Eventually (I hope) we will leave the house again. My hope is that a baby brother will help ease this transition.

Will I refuse to fly out again? Who knows. Nothing is guaranteed in our strange new normal.

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