End of summer stress

It happens every summer, but this summer it feels so much worse. I call it the end of summer stress. That time when all scheduled activities are done, but it is still not time for the start of the new school year. We tried to be proactive by scheduling back to back vacations with the teenagers, but that ended up backfiring on us. By the time we headed to the mountains part of our coast to the mountains trip, we were all done hanging out with each other/stressed about work and school/overly tired from gaming all night with friends. I will let you guess the teen that was overly tired….sigh.

We all need to be back on a regular schedule. Oh, and I need to be able to work from home without coordinating pre-season (optional) volleyball practices and social engagements for the girl teen, and getting the boy teen back in the habit of sleeping at night, participating in basic life skills like cleaning his room and putting up his laundry.

It feels like dysfunction junction at our house the weekend before school starts. Who is with me with the need for school to start ASAP? Please tell me I am not alone. What do you do to prevent end of summer stress?

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